Shop-n-Spree is a great combination of hidden-object and time-management games
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Shop-n-Spree is an original combination of hidden-object and time-management games. In this game, you own a department store and you must keep your customers satisfied in order to save your family business. The shopping mall includes several departments divided in categories such as electronics, clothes, bedroom and bathroom, to name but a few. They include a great variety of items to sell and lots of different customers. The mechanism of the game is really simple. The customers will ask you for certain items, specifying color, size, etc. You must find the objects they request in the scene and deliver them to the customers. When they are done, they pay you and leave. They all have different levels of patience, so you must be quick to satisfy their demands before they get mad and leave. At first, it looks easy, but when your store is full of items and you have multiple customers asking you for things, it really gets challenging and fast-paced. Every level has a certain goal to achieve, which mainly revolves around getting a certain amount of income. There is also a set of optional mini-games that include hidden object games, spot-the-differences, place the objects on a scene, puzzles, among others.
Shop-n-Spree includes three levels of difficulty or game modes, which are relaxed mode (untimed), normal, and hard.
The game starts with a brief story told in the form of comics, which is really cute and funny. The graphics are cartoonish, but very colorful and well-done, but the music is a little bit annoying.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Original gameplay
  • Tons of items to sell
  • Great variety of customers
  • Nice colorful graphics
  • Creative mini-games
  • Three modes


  • None
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